Our wonderful supporters!

Orkney Supporters do it once again!

As they have done in many previous years, Ingirid Morrison and her amazing community in Orkney raised over £4,800 for the GRCT. We are very thankful for their generosity!

Continued church support 

Over the course of last year the GRCT was again generously supported by both St Andrew’s in Oxshott and St Andrew’s in Cobham. We are very grateful for such incredibly consistent support, encouragement and prayers.
Annual GRCT prayer meeting 

Many thanks to those who came along both remotely and in person to our annual GRCT prayer meeting. An opportunity to reflect with gratitude on the year, and pray for the GRCT’s work looking forward. We value your prayers all year round, but it is always very special to come together to pray annually.  

GRCT Christmas Sale and Coffee Morning

Thank you to all who came along and supported our annual GRCT Christmas Sale and Coffee Morning in Oxshott. Once again, we raised more than £3,000. Considering that it costs around £20 a year to feed a child in South Africa a bowl of e’Pap each school day, the amount raised goes a long way. The well attended event met two of the GRCT’s objectives – raising funds for our feeding projects in South Africa and at the same time building community “here.” Our thanks go to our trustee, Nicki Galazka, for once again orchestrating the event so well.

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