Missionvale – adapting to needs in lockdown

e’Pap has been included in the food parcel distributions in Missionvale. The team has done its best to ensure that as many of the children as possible (who would normally be fed at Missionvale Care Centre and Missionvale Primary School) have had food during lockdown. Thank you Sister Ethel, Linda […]

Breakfast is served…

From one of our beneficiaries, the e’Pap Children’s Feeding Project: Sedgefield feeds and works together Smutsville (in Sedgefield) teachers and e’Pap volunteers are busy feeding approximately 150 children with nutritious e’Pap on a daily basis. The children come sleepy-eyed, barefoot, some in their pyjamas but always with expectation, which is […]

Gratitude and cupcakes

From our beneficiary the e’Pap Children’s Feeding Project: “Many of our teachers are mixing and feeding e’Pap to hundreds of hungry children every day. Many of them then go on to cook and serve soup to even more recipients. They work really hard and are always cheerful. We decided to […]

Recent journey in the life of a bag of e’Pap

Our partner in Johannesburg, Nicky Viakovsky, reports: “I am a mom with children at our local government high school situated in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Many of the school’s pupils are from underprivileged homes and live in the nearby area of Windsor. During this challenging time, the care team […]

Meeting children’s nutritional needs in lockdown

Pictured: Beaty Jonas from Dam se Bos in Knysna providing e’Pap for 154 children in one day. The GRCT agreed to contribute additional funding to a number of our beneficiaries, for the increased needs of children at this time. In Knysna thousands of children of all ages have been fed […]

Meeting needs in lockdown

South Africa’s lockdown has meant that schools and nurseries have remained closed since March. Our beneficiaries have had to adjust how they operate, as their normal method of distribution though schools and nurseries is not possible. We remain full of gratitude and admiration as they work with such resilience and courage and in new and innovative ways, to meet the needs of the […]

Ermelo expansion

One of our trustees, Catherine Michell, visited Ermelo just before lockdown: “I accompanied Ian and Emma Campbell, our partners in Ermelo, on a visit to Vulinqondo Day Care Centre where we currently fund e’Pap. The informal settlement of Bambanini Village in which the centre is situated has no electricity or running water.  The day care centre itself does have a […]