How do we decide which partners to work with and which beneficiaries to support?

It is a helpful reminder to revisit the key factors that underline our decisions regarding who we work with and what projects we support. This ensures that your donations get directly to the point of need:

  1. We work with credible and reliable partners on the ground who report regularly to us, and we look to develop sustainable projects that can deliver long term benefits. At least one trustee visits South Africa each year at their own cost to meet with beneficiaries.
  2. We run a lean operation: nearly all (around 99%) of our money goes direct to beneficiaries and nearly all for e’Pap.
  3. Our priority is the feeding of e’Pap to children.
  4. We are driven by our Christian ethos but support any child in need regardless of their faith.
  5. Our focus is the Cape area although we will consider projects elsewhere in South Africa where our criteria are met.
  6. We are a “relational” charity in that we aim to build community locally with our fundraising as well as where we distribute the funds.

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