Health and immunity

One of our partners, Isivuno (working in the Port Elizabeth townships), reported that: “285 preschool children through 9 preschools receive e’Pap every morning.   Ingrid continues to oversee this project very efficiently. The feedback received from all the schools express their gratitude to the GRCT for providing e’Pap, as it is noticeable that there is a marked improvement in the health and immune systems of the children. Fifteen 20 kg bags are delivered every 2 months to the Harvest Christian Church office, where it is checked by Ingrid and distributed to the preschools.”

The report from Lavela Preschool in Joe Slovo township is an example of this feedback: “Good morning colleagues. We as Lavela Preschool we are so grateful for e’Pap it is helping us in many ways. The e’Pap is nutritious and the nutrients helping the skins of the children to be bright and beautiful also healthy. We are saving on the other side that money we were supposed to buy porridge we use it for educational toys to stimulate them holistically.”

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