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Our chairperson, Ruth Burns, and her family recently travelled to South Africa. During their time there, they paid a visit to 3 creches in the Hout Bay area - Wavecrest in Hangberg and Siluncedo and Zoliswa’s House in IY. 

In 2015, the GRCT began funding the feeding of e’Pap for extremely needy children in pre-schools in the sprawling settlements of this area. The GRCT has a fantastic partnership with the local Rotary Club. They co-ordinate e’Pap feeding for around 370 children.

Ruth met one teacher there who is faced with the challenging task of teaching and caring for a class of 30 young children (aged 1 to 4). The class is housed in cramped conditions. “Thank you for the e’Pap,” the teacher whispered, after giving Ruth a hug. She reported that it was only the two children who had recently joined the class who had sores on their heads. Before e’Pap, such sores would have been more common. Now they soon clear up after just a couple of weeks of e’Pap breakfasts. She reported that the children in her class also have much more energy, since the e’Pap breakfasts began!

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