Would your school consider partnering with us?

St Catherine’s Bramley, a very longstanding supporter of the GRCT,  held a mufti day this year to raise money for the GRCT. At an assembly, the pupils had the chance to learn about the GRCT’s work and learnt that Penny Fleming, previously Head of English at the school, was the founder of the GRCT!

Thank you very much to the pupils, parents and teachers at St Catherine’s.

Could your school also consider supporting us? 

The GRCT trustees are always happy to visit schools to speak about the work of the GRCT. Our work resonates with young people and gives them a window into the world of children elsewhere. Alternatively, we have a recorded presentation which is designed specifically for schools and which you can use.  Do contact Catherine or Ruth if this is of interest, at enquiries@grct.org.uk.

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