Recent journey in the life of a bag of e’Pap

Our partner in Johannesburg, Nicky Viakovsky, reports:

“I am a mom with children at our local government high school situated in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg.

Many of the school’s pupils are from underprivileged homes and live in the nearby area of Windsor. During this challenging time, the care team from the school (made up of moms and teachers) along with the head perfects/councillors have been active in supplying essential items to 25 school families in need. The parcels consist of food including fresh fruit and veg, masks, sanitiser, wipes, blankets and data (so that the children can keep up with their school work). These goods were all donated or funded by families at the school who were able to give.

We also received a generous donation of e’Pap for the children from the GRCT and were able to add it to the parcels last week.

These pictures show the journey of the e’Pap from the distribution outlet in Emmerentia to a local tearoom (which is closed for business but is currently being used for food drops), the packing of the e’Pap into the boxes by school children and finally the delivery straight into the hands of the families who are in need. Some of the families have up to 10 members and most of them have not been able to earn an income since the end of March.

THANK YOU GRCT for changing lives!”


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