Knysna and surrounds team effort

Shelley Godsell, who heads up our main beneficiary the e’Pap Children’s Feeding Project, reports on the admirable teamwork happening in Knysna and surrounds:

“We are hugely grateful for:

• The gift of many brand new temporary volunteers – these volunteers and the timing of their arrival is, as far as we are concerned, a miracle. 

• The spirit of co-operation and sharing that is everywhere in evidence in many NGOs and churches who are working as a collective. For that togetherness we are grateful.

• Our suppliers who have really “bust a gut” to get us extra supplies – e’Pap, peanut butter and food parcels.”


Volunteers collect and deliver e’Pap to teachers, principals and “feeding grannies” in the townships who then feed the multitude of children lining up outside their doors.

In Karatara, a team who usually operate a holiday club for the children in rural areas and who know the community well have been travelling through the village in a mini bus in order to distribute e’Pap and hot food. The bus hoots as it drives through the village to let the children know it has arrived! The bus then stops in designated places, and the children stand outside at a safe distance with a plate or a container to receive their food.

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