An essential meal

The GRCT trustees received full reports from all our partners for our last trustee meeting. The reports emphasised the continued struggles within the poorer communities in which our beneficiaries are based – poverty, unemployment and social issues, but also once again highlighted that the children benefit hugely from the regular e’Pap meals. 

Here is some of the feedback we received.

The e’Pap Children’s Feeding Project in Knysna in their end of year newsletter said that:

“The need for healthy food seems to be growing daily and we are often told of instances where the families just cannot make ends meet and the children are hungry. Our regular e’Pap breakfasts are a blessing to all the children along the Garden Route and help to keep them healthy and engaged at school. 

For some, this might be the only decent meal they receive and for most of our children it is by far the most nourishing.”

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