e’Pap Children’s Feeding Project – an update

For nearly 10 years we have been supporting Shelley and Peter Godsell and their team on the Garden Route, as they feed more than 4,000 children a bowl of e’Pap on each school day.

Shelley reports that: “It is always heartwarming to see the health of the children improve after a very short time and also to see the relationship developing between the volunteers, the teachers and children. It brings them all great joy and the sense of making a difference in the lives of those in our community.”

Peter writes: “As we race towards the end of yet another year, the thought that is most dominant in our minds is the strong sense of gratefulness. When one reads the news or watches it on TV, one could be excused for feeling that the world is in a mess and that God is absent from our world. However when one sees and experiences what is going on in our project and many others like it, one sees God’s hand everywhere. This year we have experienced:

  • The joy of new volunteers revelling in their new opportunity to serve and love.
  • The steadfast loyalty of older volunteers who keep serving, year after year.
  • The generosity of donors that always seems just enough.
  • The growth in so many teachers who receiving training.
  • The cooperation of so many other NGOs in our area.
  • And of course the bubbling joy that children spread.”

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