John Masiza School in Walmer Township, Port Elizabeth

A breakfast of e’Pap helps this large class of 49 pupils (pictured) concentrate on their school work, and therefore helps the teacher with her challenging task of teaching such a large class of children.

The prescribed class size for this age group is 40. However, due to lack of school places in the area, the school has admitted extra pupils taking classes such as this one over the limit.

The poverty and unemployment in this area means that many children attending the school may not be getting the nutrition at home which they need to grow, play and learn as they should.

Valentia (pictured) has been preparing and serving e’Pap breakfasts at the school for 4 years. The GRCT has also funded an urn which has made the task of preparing the e’Pap much easier. In the past, Valentia would have had to boil successive kettles of water to do so.

This small detail illustrates the significance of the relationship between the volunteers who deliver the e’Pap and the schools. An additional, related need (the urn) was identified which the GRCT could assist with.

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