Meeting needs in lockdown

South Africa’s lockdown has meant that schools and nurseries have remained closed since March. Our beneficiaries have had to adjust how they operate, as their normal method of distribution though schools and nurseries is not possible. We remain full of gratitude and admiration as they work with such resilience and courage and in new and innovative ways, to meet the needs of the most vulnerable children during this crisis. 

Thank you to all who support the work of the GRCT. During this time, your thoughtfulness makes more of a difference than ever before. We are working closely with our beneficiaries to ensure that the GRCT continues to meet its charitable objectives – to help feed and educate South African children in need, and we also consider requests for further funding to meet the increased need at this time.

Feeding children in Knysna and surrounds – our main beneficiary, the e’Pap Children’s Feeding Project

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