Hope in these times

The unrest and looting in South Africa in July following ex-president Jacob Zuma’s arrest and imprisonment was a very unsettling and worrying time. However, we are so often reminded of the spirit of resilience and co-operation which still holds firm. An example of this is the swift action taken by the NGOs in the Knysna area, including our main beneficiary the e’Pap Children’s Feeding Project. This is reflected in the joint statement which they issued at the time: 

“Our town’s non-governmental groups have resolved not to lose hope. We will not be paralyzed by fear and inactivity. Our Knysna community strives for kindness and togetherness. We do all we can to create a better future together. Our NGOs, community leaders, and business leaders are required now more than ever to keep hope, togetherness, and good neighbourliness alive for those we serve and ourselves…We have formed a syndicate of NGOs, businesses, schools, and community members who have resolved to continue serving the needs of those in need…We are spreading the message that our community’s hope has not been stolen – and that locals will continue to serve their community with greater enthusiasm and energy.”

Hope is not lost!

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