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Winter walking for the GRCT

GRCT trustee and treasurer, Cathy Williamson, embarked on a mini-trek with four friends last month to raise money for the GRCT. The five participants are scattered over various parts of the country and took part in their respective locations; in Lancashire, Warwickshire, Surrey, Sussex and Devon. Thank you so much […]

e’Pap feeding in Despatch

Late last year we started feeding in another new area. The contact behind this project is Mias Nortier a dominee (minister) who was the driver behind the GRCT funded feeding initiatives at Laingsburg. He relocated and is working at the Dutch Reformed Church in Despatch (about 15 miles from Port […]

Not just surviving but thriving

Our largest beneficiary in Knysna, the e’Pap Children’s Feeding Project, reported last year that ‘this year was a year of relentless change. Happily with the support of our donors, volunteers and our partners, our project has not only survived, but has thrived….Let’s start with the heart of the project – the […]