The Great Garden Route Trek – Sixth Blog

Together we have ‘trekked’ more than 10,000 miles and raised more than £10,000 – what a journey!

The Great Garden Route Trek in numbers

Number of trekkers: 140+

Youngest trekker: 4 – Oldest trekker: 81

Greatest individual distance: 627 miles (1,000km)

Greatest group distance: 1,246 miles (2,000km)

Greatest endurance: the open water swimmers

Number of children fed: 500*

*A nutritious breakfast throughout the school year

Our trusty Springbok reaches the finish line

This is it, trekkers, the final stretch. I don’t know about you but, as we leave Sedgefield with aching muscles, I have in my mind’s eye the finish line and a celebratory glass of Cape sparkling wine or grape juice. But I am getting ahead of myself. After Sedgefield the road is flat for a few miles until we pass the turnoff to Buffels Baai or Buffalo Bay, a holiday village situated on a beautiful beach and great for swimming and surfing. From there it is a long and arduous climb before we crest the hill and see ahead of us the bridge over Knysna Lagoon.

Picking up speed on the steep descent, we whizz past the turnoff to Belvidere and Brenton-on-Sea and over the bridge. Then it is an easy run, walk, cycle next to the Lagoon (or in it if you are rowing/swimming!) and into the town. The view is spectacular – looking across the water, we see Belvidere, Brenton on Lake, Featherbed Nature Reserve and The Heads.

FINALLY, AFTER 31 DAYS OF TREKKING, WE CROSS THE FINISH LINE!! Do watch the video below! And what a day to finish. I hate to tell those of you who have been trekking in mid-winter but it is a beautiful sunny day in Knysna with a temperature of 30 degrees Centigrade!

Well, that’s the end of the Great Garden Route Trek. On behalf of all the trustees of the GRCT and all the children we help to feed, I want to thank you VERY MUCH for your support. You have been amazing – not only have you done the hard work but you have entered into the spirit of the event and helped to build a sense of community by sending in stories and pictures. And, more than that, you have raised an astonishing £10,000 – far more than we expected or even thought possible. This will help us to continue our current programmes and to expand our work. We hope that you have enjoyed the experience. You have inspired us and encouraged our partners in South Africa as together we help educate and feed South African children in need.

Enkosi (thank you), alles van die beste en totsiens (everything of the best and goodbye)

Speedy Springbok

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