Knysna and surrounds team effort

Shelley Godsell, who heads up our main beneficiary the e’Pap Children’s Feeding Project, reports on the admirable teamwork happening in Knysna and surrounds: “We are hugely grateful for: • The gift of many brand new temporary volunteers – these volunteers and the timing of their arrival is, as far as […]

Knysna teamwork during lockdown

Such uplifting reports from our beneficiary, the e’Pap Children’s Feeding Project, in Knysna! Many people working together to help distribute e’Pap and food parcels. Many new volunteers. A spirit of co-operation and sharing in evidence with NGOs and churches working as a collective. Suppliers going above and beyond to send […]

Update regarding the GRCT’s work during the Coronavirus 

South Africa is in its 11th day of lockdown. The lockdown is very severe there, and the ability to move around without the necessary permission is limited. Schools and nurseries are closed. The government has also banned exercise outside the home and walking dogs, and the sale of alcohol and […]

Message from the GRCT Trustees

Dear Supporters  We hope you are well and remain so during this unprecedented time. We wish to update you regarding e’Pap feeding in South Africa. The South African government ordered that all schools close on Wednesday, 18 March. The closure of schools has implications for the feeding projects that we fund, […]

“I may be only one person but I can be one person who makes a difference.”

Walmer Township near Port Elizabeth – John Masiza Primary School and St Augustine’s Pre-school pictured. There is unquestionably a huge need for good nutrition for South African children such as these. We see time and again the significant benefits of the e’Pap projects. On one of the walls of the Missionvale Care Centre (also near Port Elizabeth) there is written: “I may be only one person but I can be one person who makes a difference.” This applies to each supporter who helps these projects to happen and also be sustained.

Sivuyela school for deaf children

Sivuyela school for deaf children in Knysna is run by a very committed lady Collina, who is deaf herself, and her husband Andile. The children have been getting e’Pap for some time but recently we agreed to fund a midday meal as well.